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There isn't much here right now, mostly it's just a place to distribute some software that I've written for the FreeBSD operating system, although it's a slow process getting descriptions written up and posted here.

FreeBSD Projects

If you have an HP Network Scanjet 5 scanner, you'll definately want to check out how to upgrade it to operate standalone without a server and add more features. Take a look at my Network Scanjet Upgrade.

I've gone a step further on the Network Scanjet 5 and upgraded the hardware to double the processor speed and add a parallel printer port. Now it's a scanner and print server. Details on the Turbo Scanjet Upgrade page.

Do you have ADSL, a cable modem, or some other Internet link on which bandwidth is a precious commodity that needs to be managed? Running voice over IP? Then you'll want to see my Traffic Shaper Daemon for FreeBSD.

Need an easy way to run programs in change-rooted (chroot) environments under other user IDs? My Chroot Utilities might be just the answer you're looking for.

Want to use an Olicom Token Ring ISA NIC on recent versions of FreeBSD? I have updated the oltr driver to support the OC-3117 and OC-3118 NICs as well as the PCI adapters that have been supported all along.

Other Stuff

I have a couple of pieces of a National Semiconductor INS8073 Tiny BASIC Microinterpreter. This was a 40-pin chip that was programmable in BASIC with almost no external components except RAM. Very cool, at least in 1984, when I bought them. Someday when I am feeling nostalgic I will make something with them. In the meantime, I have scanned the datasheet I have in case someone else needs this very scarce documentation.

Contact Me

That's easy, just email to david@madole.net.

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