Network Scanjet 5 Version Upgrade

This is a brief guide on how to upgrade the Enhanced Network Scanjet 5 software on an already installed and working scanner.


It is assumed that the scanner being upgraded is already running my Enhanced Network Scanjet 5 software Enhanced Network Scanjet 5 software. This process only updates the scanner software itself, not the operating system or any other utilities.

It is also assumed that the user knows how to log into the scanner operating system and make basic configuration changes. If not, please review the beginning part of my Network Scanjet 5 Configuration page.

Lastly, the scanner needs to be network connected to a network that can reach the Internet, since these instructions download the upgrade directly frommy web site.

The Upgrade

Log into the scanner, become the root user, and mount the root filesystem read-write.

Next, download and unpack the new version into the /usr/local/src directory:

# cd /usr/local/src
# fetch -o - |
> tar xzvf -

Note the vertical bar "|" character at the end of the second line. You will need to replace the URL in the second line with the approprate version you wish to upgrade to.

Now build the new version:

# cd scanjet5-2005.03.10
# make

Again, the first line will need to be appropriate to the version that was downloaded. If no errors occur during the build, stop the scanner software, install the new version, and then start the scanner software again:

# sjctl stop
# make install
# sjctl start

The installation of the new version can be verified by keying "VERS" and then pressing ENTER on the from panel of the scanner.

Further Support

The following are some possible avenues for support:

The author, David Madole, can be emailed at Please do not regard this as a general scanjet or unix helpdesk unless you are (or wish to be) a consulting client of mine. However, if you have a specific question or think you've found a bug, I'd love to hear from you.

Julian Stacey hosts a web page on Scanjet conversion with useful information. Julian also hosts a mailing list on Scanjet conversion -- subscription information is on his web page.

Much information on necessary topics, such as configuring printing and advanced network on FreeBSD can be found in the FreeBSD Handbook.

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David S. Madole
2005-03-10 1500 GMT